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Alternative Landscapes

By 14 June 2011Blog, Landscapes

It has been pouring recently and that has dampen my mood to go out to shoot. I decided that it was a good opportunity to shoot other stuff though. Since I bring my camera out most of the time, I decided to shoot randomly indoors near town area. What a rewarding experience it turned out to be, looking at things with a new perspective and trying to capture details that are usually missed by people. I ended up with lots of ‘sketch’ images (David duchemin coined this term) which really exercised my vision muscles. I had an image that I really wanted to capture but after waiting for the people that passed by, none of them fitted what I wanted. Looks like I have to try again next time.

This particular image was from the shoot and I really like it because it reminds me of landscapes pictures that are usually found outdoors. This was converted to black and white to give a better illusion of a landscape picture. I hope this image ignite your imagination as much as it does to my. 🙂