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July 2011

Last day

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Last day of my internship at Asian Geographic today. It has been a wonderful journey and I am thankful for the opportunity to be here. I think it would be a long post to sum up all that I have achieved in my short 11 weeks. I had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. For the first time throughout my working experience, it was the first time I enjoyed working even though I still had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Alright time to talk about the image featured for today.

This was taken on the last day of the KTM track before it gets demolished and I was in for a shock when I reach. The amount of people that were there was massive! This totally changed my initial plans for this shot. I wanted to do a long exposure for this view in black and white. I decided to go with the flow and tried to time my long exposure to make sure that most of the tracks could be seen. This was the final shot where the balance between the human element and the imposing structure of the KTM railway track came to a balance. The clouds were not great on this particular day but this image was the closest one to the image I had in mind that I managed to capture.

Birthday thoughts

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Woke up this morning to catch the sunrise as it something that I have not done for quite a while. It’s always a rewarding experience to wait for the sunrise while most of the people are still asleep in bed. It was especially cloudy today which hid the sunrise and thankfully before I decided to pack up my gear and head home to sleep, the sun broke through the clouds and breathe life into the horizon. The sunrise was not spectacular today but the beauty of that moment when the sun emerge from the clouds will forever be remembered. Hence I have chosen this particular image to be featured here.

Today is the day I turn one year older. Honestly the past year has been amazing beyond expectation and I hope the following year will continue to be amazing. There was many notable events to shout about last year such as getting my first A last semester which resulted in a significant rise of my cap, completing a full marathon for the third time, had a wonderful trip to brisbane/gold coast, won my first photography award (first prize) and my internship at the most amazing Asian Geographic where I got to attend media events, paid trip to Cebu, won a pair of Silkair tickets to any destination that they fly to. Looking forward to the year ahead, some great stuff are lined up such as the Everest Base Camp trek in December and others which I will not reveal for now. Cheers to good times ahead!



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This shot practically jumped the queue of all the other shots that I was planning to post. Once again it was another week of fireworks shooting and this time it was at this location. I had some trouble finding this place and thankfully I had plenty of time to spare. Finally found the place and the view was amazing. This will be a great place to come back again in future and enjoy the spectacular view with lesser crowd on normal days. The fireworks displays later at night was even better than the past 2 weeks which totally made up for last week disappointment.

This particular shot was chosen to be featured here despite all the fireworks and blue hour shots that I had because of the amazing clouds formation. It was one of the best that I have seen so far and I hope my shot does enough justice to it. The vertical distortion on the left hand side was unavoidable and I was unable to correct it in photoshop. The image was exposed for a total of 135 seconds in order to get the effects of the clouds movement. 🙂


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I had a fulfilling week of shooting, tried a new location and new technique for fireworks which did not turn out very well, KTM railway track on sunday was packed with loads of people, making it impossible for me to recreate the image that I had in my mind. Changi Beach left me sweating and almost sunburnt, initial images looks promising and I will need to find time to process them. I wished I stayed longer and took more shots though. Lastly, the sunset on Saturday was amazing even though I did not manage to capture it on camera.

This shot was taken quite a while back while waiting for a friend who turned up rather late. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Walking around once familiar grounds of thomson road, I wandered around and tried to see if there was anything interesting to photograph. This dual danger sign intrigued me and I spent quite some time trying to find an angle to fit the two danger sign into a single frame. It took me quite a few shots, changing my position until I finally got this. I shall leave the interpretation of this shot to you. 🙂

Dawn of Day

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Once again the updates over here is below my ideal frequency. There has been much on my plate this week, such as finalising details for my Everest Base Camp Trek in December. Also I discovered 500px which is much superior than flickr and I have spent quite sometime exploring and setting up my account. Been loving it so far so check it out! My personal account is 500px.com/kenchua and you will find that instead of new photographs of mine, you will see photographs that I deemed as the very best of my work.

Back to this particular photo, this was from way back in the archives and also the last time that I went out for a sunrise shoot in Singapore. I really enjoy sunrise more than sunsets but waking up and getting transport to the locations are always a pain in the ass. Guess that’s why I rarely shoot sunrises. There is a certain tranquility when you see the sunrise and everybody else is still sleeping. The dawn of a new day always signifies great hope and a sense of renewal for me. Hope to go and shoot a sunrise soon, I shall plan one next week. 🙂

Elusive Lights

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My initial plan was to capture this view at blue hour. However, the size of the crowd at marina bay area made me realised that NDP rehearsals have started. It was too late to change my plans and I went ahead to find the spot for this view, hoping that the flyer was not under blockade. There were several other photographers around the flyer when I reached. This is one of the rare occasions that I am shooting near other photographers. As the light begins to turn dark, it became clear that they were here to shoot fireworks, judging from their arsenal of black cards and remote triggers.

I was excited at the opportunity to shoot fireworks. Unfortunately I did not know where the fireworks would appear from, the time they would be fired off and I did not have a black card. All I could do was wait and hope for the best.

The fireworks came fast and furious and the margin of error was so small! It was a good experience thou and I began to appreciate why people love to shoot fireworks, challenging yet rewarding. Out of the 20 plus shots that I have of the fireworks, this is the only one shot that “made” it. I struggled with this image for quite some time in the digital darkroom, changing my mind about the framing and the processing style. Finally, this is the final image. Lucky day 🙂


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There is a noticeable slow down of pace of updates here. Partly due to all the stuff besides photography that I’m busy with and partly due to my tighter quality control over my own work. For this shot I actually process two different black and white version and I still cannot really decided which one I like best. Finally decided to go with the blown out sky to draw the focus on the geometry of this shot.

I remembered I was very unprepared for this shoot as I was asked last minute to do it. The weather was a killer. Sweating all over by the time I was done shooting the MBS. In the end I’m glad Proud asked me to shoot the MBS. It was all worth it in the end, seeing my shot used as an ad for ADEX 2011, printed on a large banner that was displayed at MIDE and I even kept a flyer for keepsake. Amazing DI work by Proud. Since there was no way I could make my shot as nice as the edited version in colour, I did it in black and white.

*bonus* here is how the ad looks like

Order in Chaos

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I must admit, I had a hard time choosing the photo for this post. I initially wanted to post a landscape photo since the previous post was a black and white photograph. Today my website hit 1,000 unique singapore visitors on my website so this post has a significant importance. Ultimately I decided on this photo as it reflects a great deal of my feelings for the week.

I love shooting in Chinatown, the streets, the buidings and the people excites me as there are so many possibilities waiting around each and every corner. This shot was taken somewhere in Chinatown 🙂

I usually prefer to keep things simple in my photographs and when I first saw this scene I was overwhelmed by the chaos of it. As luck would have it, this man came into the picture and in that instant, I found order in the chaos (by concentrating on his presence in the sea of chaos). I guess that applies to life as well, with all the chaos that is around us all the time, perhaps all we need is a single point of focus to help us find order.