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Japan 2017

By 21 May 2017Blog, Travel
Chureito Pagoda Sunset

Japan 2017

I spent 8D7N in Japan in early March this year before the cherry blossoms season. It was my first visit Japan and I covered Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto during this trip.

My first thoughts on Japan were on that design philosophy, there was something inherently interesting about it that intrigues me. After much observation, I felt it was was the usage of many small curves in their designs that made it different from Singapore. In Singapore, I realised our design style are building block, largely straight lines and like lego blocks, packing everything together for maximum efficiency.

The weather in Japan was great, it was cold but not as cold as Bromo or Nepal so it was just nice for me. Going to onsens in such weather was so good and made me not want to leave. On the streets of Japan, I find that Japanese are so fashionable and they look great to me with their dressing and makeup.

I did a lot of eating, queuing and shopping and very little photography, looking forward to be back again next time for more serious photography.