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Finding Direction

By 16 April 2017Blog
National Gallery Affinity Exhibition


I guess this post has been long overdue. Initially I had a draft and I left it incomplete because I was not very sure the direction and things that I want to work for the year ahead. Like my messy table, there was no clarity in all my random thoughts. Finally over the long weekend, I took time to clear my table and work on completing this post.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with too many things and one of my weakness is having a short attention span, so for most things at the start I have this high burst of energy to work on the project and after time, it dies a natural death. So hopefully the next photography project that I’m planning to work on does not suffer the same fate. *fingers crossed*

If you enjoyed my photography so far, hope you continue with me to explore what 2017 and the world of photography has to offer. I will try to update my instagram on a more regular basis. You can follow me there (:

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017. #anewloopbeckons