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Chureito Pagoda Sunset

Japan 2017

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Japan 2017

I spent 8D7N in Japan in early March this year before the cherry blossoms season. It was my first visit Japan and I covered Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto during this trip.

My first thoughts on Japan were on that design philosophy, there was something inherently interesting about it that intrigues me. After much observation, I felt it was was the usage of many small curves in their designs that made it different from Singapore. In Singapore, I realised our design style are building block, largely straight lines and like lego blocks, packing everything together for maximum efficiency.

The weather in Japan was great, it was cold but not as cold as Bromo or Nepal so it was just nice for me. Going to onsens in such weather was so good and made me not want to leave. On the streets of Japan, I find that Japanese are so fashionable and they look great to me with their dressing and makeup.

I did a lot of eating, queuing and shopping and very little photography, looking forward to be back again next time for more serious photography.


National Gallery Affinity Exhibition

Finding Direction

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I guess this post has been long overdue. Initially I had a draft and I left it incomplete because I was not very sure the direction and things that I want to work for the year ahead. Like my messy table, there was no clarity in all my random thoughts. Finally over the long weekend, I took time to clear my table and work on completing this post.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with too many things and one of my weakness is having a short attention span, so for most things at the start I have this high burst of energy to work on the project and after time, it dies a natural death. So hopefully the next photography project that I’m planning to work on does not suffer the same fate. *fingers crossed*

If you enjoyed my photography so far, hope you continue with me to explore what 2017 and the world of photography has to offer. I will try to update my instagram on a more regular basis. You can follow me there (:

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017. #anewloopbeckons

Lim Chu Kang Instawalk

Exploring Lim Chu Kang Farms

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I got the rare opportunity to join TheSmartLocal and MND on a instawalk in Lim Chu Kang area to explore an egg, vegetable and fish farms. It was a great photography opportunity as access into the farms were not normally open to public. It was also insightful to learn more about the farming scene in Singapore and how Singapore farmers are making use of technology to overcome limitations of space in Singapore. Some interesting implementation were vertical farming and machine automation. As the saying goes, innovate or die.

Added a new gallery slider to this post and all the photos were taken by my iphone 5s which probably go into retirement soon as I have plans to get the new iphone 7 plus. The iphone 5s has been a great servant over the past 3 years and has helped me to make many photographs that I personally enjoyed.

Till the next photowalk. #exploresingapore #iwalklimchukang

National Gallery Preview KenChuaPhoto

National Gallery Singapore Preview

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National Gallery Preview

I had the chance to visit the National Gallery on 14th Nov thanks to the collaboration with the Singapore Instagram community, 10 days before the official opening on 2a4th Nov to take explore and take photos. The exclusive preview and freedom to walk around without the massive crowds felt really great!

Also the National Gallery will be free entry for Singaporeans even after the opening celebrations and definitely it will be a place to revisit due to the lovely architecture of both the Old Supreme Court and City Hall buildings. The way the light shines through, it allows us to capture interesting photographs. In instagrammers lingo, the National Gallery had plenty of “instagram worthy” shots.

I spent about 2 hours exploring the place and there were still many things that I was not able to explore. I will recommend taking at least half a day to slowly appreciate all the artworks, installation and architecture of the place.

Looking forward to be back again during the opening celebration weekend!



Majulah Singapura

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Reflecting on 50 years of Singapore

I was awoken this morning by the nationwide SCDF siren at 9am and I took my phone to listen to the broadcast of Lee Kuan Yew Proclamation of Independence followed by the National Anthem and the National Pledge. I briefly thought about the wonders of technology and perhaps a little too reliant on my smartphone which I am definitely fortunate enough to be able to afford it.

It was a good day to walk about around Singapore and appreciate how far we come while thinking about the future. Sure there will always be things that are not so good about Singapore, but there are also things that we love about Singapore.

Public transport is free today and it’s my first time seeing the MRT gantries gate being left open. Thankful for those who are working today to keep Singapore safe and operational. For better or for worse, our city never sleeps.

I went to two places today, firstly The Little Red Brick Show (SG50 Edition) which was a great display of Singaporeans creativity and skills by building many iconic Singaporean items and places from Lego bricks. It is a reminder of the diverse talents we have here in Singapore. Secondly Google Shophouse which was a display of the future and perhaps it was a reminder that we must continue to innovate and build on our progress in order to stay relevant.

In the words of my favourite national day song: This is home, truly.

#sg50 #keepmovingforward #cityofbuilders


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Every year on my birthday I will take a break and reflect on the past year and think about the future. It’s like a personal retreat which helps me to focus my thoughts.

For the past year, one of my favourite places is Brawn and Brains cafe, I often head there alone as it was a lovely place away from all the hustle and bustle, small and cosy with cheap and good food.

As I always write about exploration and change, Brawn and Brains is not immune to that as well. I heard about the impending move earlier in the year from the boss and when I went back on for the first time on Saturday in the new premises, it was no longer the same again. Brawn and Brains has gone mainstream perhaps it is time to start exploring to find other places again.

2015 has been a good year for myself and my family and I hope we will continue to ride the waves of change.

#explore #dream #discover

Exploring Singapore

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Singapore is beautiful and to find beauty here is something that I strive to do every time I bring my camera out for a photowalk. We live in a city of builders and the city is ever changing because of that. By exploring the relationship between urban and nature, we can find interesting photographs despite the very hot weather. While walking from City Hall towards Marina Bay Sands, I saw this scene before me and was compelled to make a photograph as I knew it will be not be the same again when I come back again in the future.

#keepexploring #exploresg #cityofbuilders

Random finds

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Exploration brings discovery

While going on photowalks, sometimes I manage to find other things besides photographs. Who said photowalk are for taking photographs only! At DBS Marina Regatta, I stumbled upon this cool pop up store selling earrings, rings and cufflinks, made using vintage comics!  Lovely concept and it is great to see how old comics can be made new again.  

There were plenty of vintage comics design available from Star Wars, Superheroes, Tintin, Simpsons, Popeye and more but I was naturally attracted to all the Calvin and Hobbes designs. I am a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes as you can probably tell from the homepage of my website. Many of the comic strips by Bill Waterson have inspired me greatly. I was initially spoilt for choice, plus you get choose your own pairing if you do not like the ones that are placed together. I decided to get this pair of cufflinks even though I currently do not wear cuff shirts to work! I wanted it to be a reminder that I must never lose that childlike curiosity and thirst for exploration in future if I continue to stay in the corporate world and the time comes that I have to wear cuff shirts.

The shop name is Nerilia and their facebook page has only 30 likes as of current posting so I think more people should know about it! Check out facebook.com/NeriliaAccessories!

Explore more and who knows what you will find next? 😉